Subject-Verb agreement



The English department at your school sets English day. Every class is responsible to present a certain activity.

You as FOURTH GRADERS, you have to create a meaningful and interesting power point about subject-verb agreement.

The powerpoint should include the following: 

  1. A motivational introduction that shows and explains the exact meaning of the subject-verb agreement. 
  2. The basic rules of subject-verb agreement.
  3. A chart or graphic organizer 
  4. Examples 

You are divided into groups.

  • Group A  prepares the introductory slide using pictures to justify how the subject agrees with the verb.
  • Group B writes the rules that to have proper correspondence between subject and verb.      
  • Group C designs a chart or graphic organizer to simplify the meaning of the subject-verb agreement.
  • Group D suggests examples to provide a good explanation of the concept.
  • Group E compiles all prepared materials in one powerpoint presentation. 


  • The powerpoint presentation is presented by two of your classmates you agree who are will be.

To achieve your tasks successfully, you have to learn more about subject-verb agreement. For that, you are provided with several links and attachments that teach you. Also,  you have given the chance to assess your learning before presenting through worksheets, quizzes, and games. 

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