Subject-Verb agreement



Phase 1:

  • The whole class watches this video to learn about Subject-Verb agreement. 
  • Then, each group discusses the given information and writes notes on a sheet of paper.
  • After that, each group solves the given worksheet on a sheet of paper to check your understanding. (Click on "worksheet")



Phase 2:

Now after having a good idea about the required concept, you are ready to start with your task. Each group works on what is assigned for.

  • Group A: You can use the given attachment below that gives you an idea of how your introduction will be. 
  • Group B: You can set out the rules using these links: (link 1/ link 2; click here)
  • Group C: You can design your chart or graphic organizer by referring to the attachment below. You have to use different shapes or designs that make your chart or graphic organizer be appealing.
  • Group D: You can develop examples by referring to this video.                                          
  • Group E:  You have to compile the given data in a powerpoint, so view (this link; click here) that helps you. 

Phase 3:

- Each group will present his part to the class. You tell them what you prepared and explain the concept of the subject-verb agreement for the ones who still have a misunderstanding. (Your work is considered as a kind of jigsaw; the more you teach, the more you learn.)

- After doing your job, it is time for fun. Here are two games, click and enjoy your time.



  • Learning Activity
    Description: Word document shows a learning activity about the subject-verb agreement with a graphic organizer.

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