Subject-Verb agreement

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If you favor student-centered learning, here is your demand!!!

To all my COLLEAGUES, WebQuest is a useful tool that helps both you and your students. 

Based on my first experience with WebQuest, I can tell you the following:

  • Assign a specific task for your students as individuals or groups and observe what they do.
  • Provide them with clear instructions and accurate resources, and watch their creativity.
  • Use WebQuest new teaching method, and create independent learners. 

With respect to my WebQuest, it is about subject-verb agreement.

Because I assign a group work, it would take them around 2 hours to finish their task as they will have complete information about this topic. 

Hope you use this inspiring tool and enjoy the same experience!! 


At the end of this WebQuest, my students will be able to:

  • determine the correct verb that agrees with the subject.
  • choose the correct form of the verb.
  • apply the rules of subject-verb agreement.
  • create a powerpoint presentation
  • work in groups cooperatively.
  • appreciate others' work
  • develop their own learning.
  • analyze given data.
  • compile collective information.
  • assess their own knowledge.
  • express their own ideas and opinions.


Achieving these objectives and more, as a teacher,

  • I would be thankful for my instructor Miss Hanin Ibrahim who guides me to use this tool.
  • I would like to give credits for all the resources that help in creating this WebQuest. 


Finally, do you like to be a special teacher?

  • search for the best.
  • browse for new teaching methods.
  • investigate your knowledge to benefit your students.


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