Critical Thinking Job Aids By Sandra Rogers, PhD



Create a job aid to help you read and think critically. It should address the thought processes for evaluating information for reliability and accuracy. It should be something that's easy to follow like steps in a process or a matrix. Use clear and precise language. The overall appearance should be clean-looking and pleasing to the eye. Try to make something that you will actually use! 

  1. Select a partner for this project. They should be in a similar degree program as yourself (e.g., medicine and allied health pair up). If no one else is in your field, you may do this project alone.  
  2. Research possible critical thinking frameworks/processes in your field. Discover all the critical thinking processes that occur when you read information. For example, search for "critical thinking in nursing." 
  3. Create a job aid based on what you find to help you read critically. The artifact could be a matrix, an array, a list of questions, steps in a process or something else you decide upon. If you borrow something from someone else, you must cite your source AND submit the original, too.That way I can determine how much work you put into the modified version.
  4. Write a 1-page rationale for your job aid. Then submit your paper and job aid to the Assignments tool in our course.
  5. Present your job aid to the class on our course wiki page for this project. The format of your job aid could be a Google Drawing, a concept map, word processing table/chart, video tutorial or whatever you decide. The format should fit the design and end user experience of your job aid.

Note: I use the term artifact to refer to the job aid. Usually, when you hear the word artifact, you think of something old. Actually, it can be something new, too. According to Dictionary.com, it means "an object made by human beings, especially with a view to subsequent use."

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