Critical Thinking Job Aids By Sandra Rogers, PhD



Congratulations, you did it!

You created a job aid to help you become a critical reader. Reference it when you analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the information you read. Take time to think about the sites that you visited. Did you bookmark them to revisit later? How do you think your classmates will react to your job aid? Did you create a winner? Post your assignment to the course wiki. Then vote in the course polls for the best one. If you worked diligently in creating a useful tool for personal use for reading critically, then you are all winners!

Note. If your critical thinking artifact needs improvement according to the rubric, make corrective actions for yourself. Follow through to make it a user-friendly format, targeting your field of study, and something that will help you think critically. Of course, if you thought someone else had a better idea, then go with that one.


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  • The Critical Thinking Community
    Description: Learn more by joining a professional organization committed to critical thinking. I was excited to see some of the educational researchers that I am studying now quoted on the front page.

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