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Lesson 1


Lesson 1:

This lesson will take two days to complete as students are working in groups on day one to determine healthy eating habits at home, and when eating out. Day two students will research restaurant health information and present healthy choices that can be made when eating out at their assigned restaurant.

Day 1:

Whole Class Discussion:

Have students share what they had for dinner the previous night.
Discuss which food group each food falls under.
What does each group contain?
What do we need to most of?
What problems do people run into when choosing what to eat?


Hand out the Where's the Fat worksheet.
Divide students into groups to complete worksheet.
Explain that although students may not determine where they go out to eat, they can still make healthy choices when eating out.
When finished have students make their own MyPyramid Plan by visiting the website and entering the appropriate information.
Have students print out their own worksheet when finished.

Day 2:


Review with students what they discussed previously
What are some problems people have when choosing what to eat?
How can we make healthy choices?


Brainstorm restaurants as a class and assign a specific restaurant to each group
Many restaurants have their nutritional information posted online
Have students return to their groups from the previous lesson
Students will research their restaurant and look up the nutrition facts for their restaurant
Students will then prepare a presentation to the class discussing what healthy choices could be make at their restaurant.

Final Lesson Review:

Review with students the importance of making healthy choice when dining in or out.
Encourage students to share information with their friends and family.
Answer any questions students may still have regarding nutrition information or the MyPyramid Plan

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