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CLC Group project

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Process Process

Lesson 2:

This Lesson series will take approximately 3 class periods to complete. The lesson will include watching a video, playing a video game, working on a website, completing a group activity worksheet, and participating in a group taste test.

Day 1:

Information Review:

What does the term "Serving Size" on the labels mean?
Where do you find the "calorie" count on a label?
What foods are in the milk category?
How do you read a food label?


Watch Food Pyramid Video
Group Activity -- Taste Test
Break the class into four groups, in a blind taste test each student will taste a sample of fat-free, 1%, 2%, and whole milk. Have each student describe each of the four milks, rate each one, and each group track their results. Review the results with the class along with the differences in the milk products.

Day 2:

Information Review:

Pint and review the 10 Tips worksheet with the class


Play video game
Group Activity -- What's on the label/What's the score worksheets
Break the class into the same four groups, have the groups review "what's on the label" worksheet. Once they have reviewed the worksheet have them complete the "what's the score" worksheet. Once completed have the groups present their information with the class.

Day 3:

Information Review:

What have we learned?


Use the My Food Apedia website -- have the students pick 15 of their favorite foods, plug those foods into the website and record the information, once everyone is done the class will review the information. Discuss the results.

Review with the class on all of the information they have learned studying healthy foods.


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