American Antebellum Reform Movements



By the end of this WebQuest, you will be able to:

  • Defend a particular Antebellum Social Reform as a success or a failure.
  • Create a news article or image arguing your Antebellum Social Reform as both a success and a failure.
  • Explain the context of your Antebellum Social Reform to your classmates and why it is important to American society before the Civil War.

As any good news reporter, you begin to do your research about an reform movement you want to cover. Use the documents below to gain some background into a movement and get an idea as to what you want to cover more in depth.

As you prepare to leave the office for the last time before this assignment, your boss reminds you to "toe the mark" and follow the orders he has written for you so you don't forget what you're supposed to do in the three months you're on this journey. To make the article accessible for the patrons of the New York Times, he wants you to hit the following points, at the bare minimum.

  • What was life like before the social reform movement?
  • Why did the movement take place in this town? 
  • How has life changed since the reform movement?
  • What is life like there now?

As you delve into this endeavor, click on the document that corresponds to the social reform movement you have chosen! Answer all of the prompts in the same Word document and submit that document at the end of the class period. 






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