American Antebellum Reform Movements



As you hand in your Webquest assignments, I want you to think back on the process and answer the following question to keep in mind as we move forward in our class: 

                How did differing opinions on social reform affect how our nation was divided prior to and during the Civil War? Has this division ended? 


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  • The Lost Museum
    Description: The Lost Museum presents this re-creation of P.T. Barnum’s American Museum as a lens into mid-19th century New York City and antebellum America. The Lost Museum website offers visitors a visualization and spatial interpretation of this extraordinary institution as well as an innovative way to learn and teach about the many issues and events of the period. The heart of the website is the 3-D re-creation of P.T. Barnum’s American Museum, the pre-eminent cultural institution of 19th century America that was mysteriously destroyed by fire on July 13, 1865. It takes you, the visitor, into the virtual museum where you can roam freely among the four rooms that we have digitally re-created.

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  • Teach US History
    Description: Teach US History contains historic primary source images and text as well as background information that provides historical, cultural, and literary context to significant events in American history. Utilize the sections on "Life in Antebellum America," "Temperance Reform in the Early 19th Century," and "The Second Great Awakening and the Age of Reform" to further your understanding of these topics.

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  • Digital History Reader
    Description: How Did Abolitionism Lead to the Struggle for Women's Rights? This module explores the interconnectedness of many of the Antebellum reform movements.

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