American Antebellum Reform Movements



You are a reporter for the New York Times in Antebellum America and your boss has commissioned you to write about one of the social reform movements that has been sweeping the nation. He tells you that this assignment will take your career to the next level if it's done well enough, but you are going to have to relocate and immerse yourself into a community, looking at how the town you move into has embraced (or not embraced) a reform movement and what it has meant for the town's residents. Leaving New York City behind for an entirely different environment, you are looking to fit into one of these social reform movements and gather information to write the most complete news article as you possibly can.

By the end of this WebQuest, you will be able to:

  • Defend a particular Antebellum Social Reform as a success or a failure.
  • Design a news article or image arguing your Antebellum Social Reform as both a success and a failure.
  • Explain the context of your Antebellum Social Reform to your classmates and why it is important to American society before the Civil War.

Best of luck!

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