Gold Rush Scavenger Hunt


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Pick a partner.

Get your Chrome Books.

Look at the Webquest to find the words to replace the underlined words needed for the Scavenger Hunt.

Find information - at least three sentences put into your own words describing the item, person, place or thing found and it's use, discovery, or why they are important.

Copy and paste a picture to show what or who the answer is into  Google slides, powerpoint, Prezi or other program that can be for a presentation.

You MUST include the website you found the information on as well.

You and your parnter need to have your name on the share site with a brief description in your own words, picture, and source where you found it.

Use your Resources: You may use Google, any Power Points, Prezi's, or anything else from the classroom you have in your Google Classroom or Documents, you may look on YouTube, use Internet research tools to find information and pictures as well.
When Time is up you need to send your information to your teacher via email or Google Classroom. Your teacher will look over the information and pictures to ensure they match to ensure full credit!

Make sure your partner and your name is on your presentation!

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