Gold Rush Scavenger Hunt


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Your task is to work with your partner reading the questions and the letter from Jeffrey to find out what Gold Rush terms or names can be used instead of the underlined words in the letter.  Then, using technology to find items, people, places and so forth that pertain to the California Gold Rush.
You will have 60 minutes to answer the questions,  decipher the letter, find as many pictures, and description (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) of the updated words.  You will use a presentation program such as power point, Google slides, or Prezi to save a pictures and descriptions along with the web address or location found and give a presentation.

You and your partner will work together finding and collecting information. When time is up, you will save it and email it to the teacher.

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Web Link
  • Prezi Site
    Description: This is where you can go if you choose to make a Prezi!

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  • Coloma
    Description: Learn about Coloma, Sutter's Mill, mining tools and more.

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