Gold Rush Scavenger Hunt



What tools, items, places and people are related to the Gold Rush?

You received a strange letter from your friend Jeffrey who traveled across America to find Gold. He has left you clues of people, places and things he has found, used, or needed during his journey and for Gold Mining. Try to figure out the answers using technology to find the answers.
You will be making a graphic organizer of the information with pictures to share with your class! The more people know before they leave to find Jeffrey, the better it will be!  You will learn about people, places and things regarding the Gold Rush. Make sure you use the picture that goes with a description (description in your own words)  to help your classmates in their journey! 

Have fun and try not to get stopped by Stagecoach Robbers!


  • Letter from Jeffrey
    Description: This is the letter to you from Jeffrey giving you clues to help find the words for your scavenger hunt.

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