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Computer Geniuses Through History

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Process Process

Create a Google Site and give it the title that includes the name of the person you chose. 

1.  On the homepage and the first additional page of your website, give the following information:

When the person was born, and if he/she is dead, then the year the person died.
Where the person lived and worked in their adult life.
What the person studied or worked at in order to become part of computer history.
Any information you can find about the person's family life.

2.  In the next few pages of your website, answer these questions:

  • Where in the timeline of computer history does this person emerge?

  •  What significant events in history happened at the time this person did their work?
  • How did this person contribute to computer history?
  •  You must describe what this person developed or invented.
  • Did this person work together with others to make his or her contribution?  Who were the persons he or she worked with?

    3.  Your website must have:

    • 4 or more pages on your website
    • 6 or more images
    • correct spelling and grammar
    • insert maps, videos, charts or other objects for extra credit

    This project is worth 45 points. Extra credit can be earned for doing a very good job of answering the questions in the second part of the presentation and adding features like charts, maps or videos (up to 5 pts.)

    Your website is due on April 26.

    Use the suggested websites provided on this web quest to locate reliable information about your person.  You may also use reliable web sources and the library database.
    History Learning: Tommy Flowers
    The Babbage Engine
    Robert Noyce
    Alan Turing
    Gary Kildall
    John Von Neumann
    Douglas C. Engelbart
    Philip Don Estridge
    Gordon Moore
    Bill Gates
    Tim Berners-Lee
    Charles Babbage
    Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs
    Lois Haibt
    Vannevar Bush
    the Minds Behind ENIAC (John Mauchly, J Presper Eckert)
    Sophie Wilson
    Jean Bartik
    Vint Cerf
    Bob Kahn
    Seymour Ginsberg
    Joseph Marie Jacquard
    Ole-John Dahl and Kristen Nygaard
    Ole-John Dahl
    Alan Kay--Interview
    Joseph Marie Jacquard
    John Backus
    John Backus, article in NY Times
    Gary Kildall-Legacy
    Alan Kay
    Sophie Wilson--Computing History
    Sophie Wilson--Unsung Heroine of 21st Century
    Biography of Gordon Moore
    Vint Cerf, more about him
    Steve Wozniak
    Bio: Steve Wozniak
    John Mauchly
    John Mauchly--Biography
    ENIAC--Museum of Computer History
    Tommy Flowers--Technical Innovator
    History: Alan Turing
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