Computer Geniuses Through History



Our objectives in studying Computer Geniuses are the following:

Get to know the key figures in the brief history of computer technology.  
Be familiar with the timeline of events of computer technology.
Understand where a particular person fits in to the timeline.

Our primary task for this unit of study is to select a genius out of those listed on this website and answer these questions for that person.

  • Where in the timeline of computer history does this person emerge? Give n

    ot only the dates, but also tell us after what significant events in history did this person work?  This person worked before what significant events in history?

  • How did this person contribute to computer history? You must describe what this person developed or invented.
  • Did this person work together with others to make his or her contribution?  Who were the persons he or she worked with?


Never Forget the Database: Infotrac Gale Database
Description: Go to the LAMS website, the Library link, the Infotrac Gale Databases link, and search the databases for relevant resources. I found GVRL (Gale Virtual Reference Library) to be a good place to start.

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