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Computer Geniuses Through History

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Hangman: Game


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Evaluation Evaluation

Each presentation must have:

12 slides
Correct grammar and spelling
at least 6 images
a title slide
an ending slide

The slide show must provide full answers to the questions posed in the process section of this web quest.
Evaluation Rubric

  Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Very Good Exemplary Score

Student read and followed detailed instructions regarding the assignment. Student is missing several key details because he or she did not read the instructions carefully. Students basically followed instructions at at a minimal level. Student read instructions carefully and made an obvious effort to do all tasks. Student read the instructions carefully. He or she not only followed the letter of the instructions, but attempted to fully answer every aspect of the questions included in the Task.

Use of suggested resources, and careful evaluation of any additional resources. Students made no effort to use the suggested resources. Student made an effort to use the suggested websites linked to this web quest. Student used suggested websites carefully to locate reliable information. Student used suggested websites and located lots of relevant information there. Students also located resources referred to on websites and mined further information there.

Total Score:
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