Soaring into Sight Words



Learn to Read allows you to become familiar with letter sounds and basic words. You will be given the chance to create basic words and word families using 3 or 4 letters and changing the beginning letter to create new words. Click on the second option, Learn to Read, and listen to the directions as they are read to you. Press start when you are ready.


ChickenStacker is a game where you will stack chickens based on select sounds for words. You choose which type of words you want to try, and then as the words crawl across the bottom of the screen and it is spoken to you, you will click on a word that is in the sound group you are looking for. If you click on the right word based on the sounds, the chicken will stack on the ladder to the right. If you make a mistake and click on the wrong word, it will tell you and then you may try again. After you have stacked 5 chickens, you get a new list of words.


Kitten Hop is a timed race you try to win by finishing first with your kitten. You will type your name, choose a kitten and press play. You will use your kitten to hop from word to word through a timed course. A word will be spoken to you and you will be given a row of 4 words to hop onto. If you hop onto the correct word, you move to the next row and continue through the race. You will get a better time the faster you go. Once the race is finished, you may play again to try and beat your time!


Now you will play a memory game using the words you have just learned. You will start with “pre-primer” words and move on as you learn them. You will be matching words with their partners. These will be words that are spelled the same, but are also spoken to you so that you can hear what it sounds like. The top row of words is spelled for you, the bottom row of matching words is spelled for you, but the words are also spoken to you so that you can hear what it sounds like and see what it’s spelled like. Go to the middle of the screen where it says "dolch word 1," click on the orange start button to begin.


Let’s play bingo! Scroll down and click on Sight Word Bingo, press the Green GO button on the bottom and you are given a choice of word lists. Click on the pre-primer list and your bingo card will appear.  After each word is read to you, click on that word in your card. When you get bingo, the animals in your row will dance. Play another game.


Next, you are going to try reading some sight word stories. Click on Sight Word Stories, and click on The Big Day or The Bike Ride. Click on the red button at the top that says “how to play.”  The title will be read to you as you move over the words. Start with numbers 1-10, and click on it. This will take you to a list of sight words that will be in the story. Click on one of the words to highlight it. Once you click on the word, it will take you to the story and the word you chose will be highlighted throughout the story. Listen to the story as each word is read to you as you move over the word with your mouse. When you finish with one screen, click the next button to move through the story. Each screen has a separate highlighted word.


Hang Mouse is a game like Hang Man, but you will only use sight words that you have been learning. Your goal is to help the mouse get his cheese before the cat gets you (the mouse). I will give you a printed word list to help you choose your words and show you how to spell them. You are given 7 guesses for each word to choose the correct letters. As you click on letters to spell your words, those letters will move to the correct line under the mouse. If you don’t get the correct word in the given number of guesses, the cat snatches the mouse and the round is over. 


Continuing on, you are going to build some simple sentences. Go to Sentence Building. Click on “how to play,” and the directions will be spoken for you. You are given a sentence, some blank lines below that sentence, and all of the words to make the sentence in a mixed up order underneath the lines. As you move over each word in the sentence, it is read to you. Your job is to use the words below the lines (which will also be read to you) and create the same sentence. When you match a correct word in the sentence, it will remain on the line. If it’s not a correct word, it will not stay in the sentence. Once all words have been moved to the lines, move over them and read the sentence as it’s read to you.


Click on a category to begin this Picture Word Game. You will be given 5 or 6 pictures in that category. The word that matches each picture is on the right hand side of the page. When you click on the picture or the word, it will be said for you. Drag the correct word to the line that matches the picture.


Final Task of your mission:

As a culminating task to this WebQuest, students will use the “kidspiration” app on our iPads. PowerPoint can be used if Kidspiration isn't available.

First, in the drawing mode, students will draw a picture of themselves. Once drawings are complete, students will surround themselves in a “web like” fashion with pictures from the gallery that represent themselves or things they like. Students must include at least 4 pictures from the gallery.

Once the drawings/webs are complete, students will switch to writing mode. Using writing mode, they will write at least 3 complete sentences to describe their webs. Students may write more than 3 sentences if they desire. Each sentence must relate to their web and drawing, contain 2 or more sight words, and be at least 4 words long.

When stories are completed, students will print and present (read - orally) to class. There is a separate rubric for presentation grading.




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