Soaring into Sight Words



SIGHT WORDS! SIGHT WORDS! We love exploring sight words!

Hello Fellow Sight Word Explorers! – 

For many of you, I know reading sight words seems “way out there.”  Today we are going to explore a WebQuest that will help us identify, learn, pronounce and spell some of the most important words that we need to know here on Earth. These are called sight words or high frequency words, and once we can continuously recognize these words, we will be on our way to becoming better, stronger, more fluent readers with our feet firmly planted on Earth. Our creativity will flow while we work with interactive sites and games that will help us. The further we fly through this mission, the easier the words will become for us to remember and use.

Todays’ quest will be online and begins with several different games, YES-GAMES that will help us learn and remember these words.

Are you ready to have some fun? Let’s BLAST into our WebQuest!

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