Fairy Tales Unit- The Frog Prince



Let's Get it Started….

* Step 1 *

After the class discussion, read 'The Frog Prince' Story.

And watch the storyteller video

* Step 2 *

For the second step, you will create your OWN story book !!!

1) Download the Word document below.

2) Print it, arrange the pictures according to the sequence of events and draw the characters.

3) Color the pictures,write under each picture 2-3 sentences describing the event, and the last blank is empty for you to write and draw a new ending to the story.

* Step 3 *

 Pair work: 

You and your partner should write a biography of your favorite character in the story and post it here.

This is how the biography should look like:


This is a "biography" of __________________________________

Who was created by (author) _______________________________

And appears in (fairy tale) __________________________________

Brief Biography: What is the character's name? Is it a boy, girl, man, woman or an animal? Where does s/he live? What does s/he work? What is special about him/her? (2-5 lines) 

How would you describe this character? You can describe the characteristics of this character, its appearance (what do s/he wear, what is the color of his/her hair, eyes, etc.), your opinion of him/her. (2-5 lines)

What is the character's main contribution to the story? (2-3 lines)

If you could meet this character, what question would you ask him/her?

* Step 4 *

1) Create your own fairytale (Guidelines below)

2) Post it on the forum and comment on one of your classmates' fairy tales.

Guidelines for writing a fairy tale:

Use this form to plan your story.

SETTING- Where does this story take place? Name and describe the place where your story happens.

CHARACTERS- Who are your characters? Give them names and write brief descriptions of each one.

CONFLICT-What is the action in the story? What gives the story a beginning, middle, and end?

CONCLUSION- How will the story end? Will it be funny, sad, or something else?

** A Tip:

Use these story starters to start your own fairy tale:

Start with who....

• There once was a princess who...

• Once there was a prince who....

• When the dragon emerged from its long slumber...

Or When.....

• Once upon a time...

• Long, long ago...

• Many long years ago...

Or Where....

• In a distant land...

• In a faraway land...

• In a small village...

• In a distant kingdom...

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