Fairy Tales Unit- The Frog Prince



A Fairy Tale is a fictional story that may feature folkloric characters such as, fairies,princesses, monsters, elves, trolls, giants and talking animals. Most fairy tales were written for adults, but now enjoyed by nearly everyone. Most fairy tales include: 

* A beginning with starters with, "Once upon a time…. "  

* Magic

* Some form of royalty, (King, queen, prince, princess, castle, etc)

* A wicked character

* A kind character, (that is usually treated badly).

* A goodness rewarded in the end

* The story ending in "they lived happily ever after". (ThinkQuest, Wikipedia)

** In this lesson, you will be exposed to a very interesting fairy tale, which is ' The Frog Prince'. Furthermore, you will do fun activities that are related to the topic.

Get ready for Imagination Adventure…

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