Human Body Systems



Phase 1.

  1.  You will pick ONE partner to work with.  Once you have your partner, I will put you with two others pairs to make a group of six.
  2.  Each of you will pick one system to research.
  3.  Research your system and answer the questions on the Tasks page.
         You can use the links below to start your research.

We will have two days for research, if you need further time, please see me and we will find a time which will work out.

Phase 2.
  1.  Once you have enough information on your system, gather with your group mates.
  2.  Briefly discuss your system with your group mates.
  3.  Each member of the group will write a half page summary describing how your system relates to others systems.   This is also where you will attach your work's cited page, so don't forget to cite your sources from your research.
Phase 3.
  1.  Discuss with your group mates how your final presentation will be.  You will be presenting to the class your integrated human body systems project.  You will present the human body to your classmates who are your patients to educated them about how the body works and how to take care of it.  
  2.  Determine what resources you will need.  Do you need more time in the lab for a power point? Do you need access for a camcorder to prepare a movie or skit.?  Do you need tools such as construction paper and other craft materials to complete this project.  Creativity points will be awarded.  If your group is stuck on this, I have ideas that I can suggest to you.  All project ideas must be approved by me.
 3.  Put together your visual representation.  Remember, all group members must participate and each system must be represented in the system.  

If multiple students require additional use of computer prior to the few we have in the classroom, I will reserve the lab for further days.  

Phase 4.  5  points extra credit will be given to groups who find a disease or drug which is harmful to at least 2 systems in the body. Groups will briefly explain the disease/drug and its harmful effect on the body and if there is a cure or treatment.

Here is a start of links that will be helpful to you.  You may use the library and books related to your system.  Remember we also need to use our research skills we  learned in the beginning of the year.



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