Pilgrim Time Machine



With your assigned group you will begin to research the following topics so you can safely enter the Pilgrim community

1) What is a Pilgrim? Use the following resource to find out exactly what a Pilgrim is and where they  
     came from.
2) Watch the following video to find out what a one room school house was like.  How was it different   
     from your classroom? 
3) Who else lived in the same area as the Pilgrims? 
4) What games did the children play?  Are they similar to games you play?
5) What was the first thanksgiving like?  What were they celebrating? Who was there?
6) What chores did the children have to do?  How are they different from your chores?
7)  Attached is a worksheet for you to gather your data.  Be prepared to answer questions in class!
8) I will assign each group one of the games you found. Be prepared to present that game to the class.
9) Using your worksheet with your gathered information you will work with your group to write a short one act play.
     Be sure to include characters, their attributes, synopsis, and setting your play takes place in.  If you need help
     coming up with an idea I will have a conference with Professor Smarty Pants to see what we can figure out.  Remember
     you are showing him you understand how pilgrim children, act, talk,think and play.  Remember our lessons
     on parts of a story!!!
9)  After following all the tasks we will have a pilgrim day to make sure you are ready for the real
      thing.   I will be grading you the entire day to see if you are acting the part of a child in the 1600's.  I
      will be acting as a teacher did in those days as well!  I will ask you questions about your chores, what
      Native Americans live near by, and what you thought of our Thanksgiving celebration so be
      prepared!  We will also play games that you found!  At the end of the day you will be acting out your plays so be prepared
     I will be reporting directly to the Professor, good luck!


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Plimoth Plantation

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