Pilgrim Time Machine



You will be evaluated on your worksheets and play.  But you will also be evaluated on your participation during Pilgrim day.  Make sure to be involved, and answer questions I ask through out the day... Remember the Professor and myself are always watching! Best of Luck!


# Beginning Developing Very Good Excellent Score
Answered questions relating to each task. 1 Answered two or less questions correctly 2 Answered three to four questions correctly 3 Answered all questions correctly 4 Answered all questions correctly and was able to supply additional information
Followed directions and stayed on task 1 Didn't follow directions 2 Followed some directions 3 Followed directions and was able to stay on task 4 Followed directions perfectly and was able to stay on task without any help
Participated in discussions during Pilgrim Day 1 Did not participate at all 2 Participated very little. 3 Participated and new most of the oral questions which were asked 4 Participated and new all the questions.
Knew all the games which were played 1 Didn't know any of the games 2 Knew some of the games. 3 Knew all of the games including their names 4 Knew all of the games, there names, and could relate them to games they currently play

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