FitnessGram Expertise



1)  You will form a group of 5 students

2)  Within the group, the following roles need to be delegated:
 Curl-Up Conductor
 Push-up Professor
 PACER Practitioner
 Trunk Lift Teacher
 Sit-N-Reach Trainer
Each student will become the expert in their selected role

3)  Once roles are assigned, you will form new groups with your fellow experts.  For example, all of the Curl-up Conductors will form a group, and all of the Push-up Professors will work together, etc. 

4)  In the common expert groups, you will work together to research and gather information on your test.  You will share this information with your original groups once you have mastered (become the expert) your test.  Use the links in step 2 of this Process and the resources below for more information on your test.

5)  You will reconvene with your original groups and share your research with your other group members.

6)  Once you share all of the expertise, the 5 of you will create a 10 day workout plan that will help prepare and improve Fitnessgram scores.

7)  The workout plan must include: At least 4 exercises per test area, to be completed a minimum of 2 days within the 10 day plan period.

8)  After the workout plan is finished, you and your group will complete the 5 Fitnessgram tests and record your results.

9)  Implement your 10 day workout plan.

10)  Re-test and record your Fitnessgram results.

11)  Using Microsoft Excel, generate a graph comparing the test results; before workout plan and after workout plan.  Click on the link above for assistance when creating your graph.  Scroll midway down the page and use the video links to guide your through making a graph.

12)  Your group will present the final product to the class, which includes your 10 day workout plan, information regarding each test area, and the graph.  Presentation should last for 5-8 minutes.  See the rubric for expectations.

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