Trout: From Eggs to Adults - A Journey of Survival

The Life Cycle of the Trout


Explore the life cycle of trout and share your discoveries in an interactive class bulletin board.

1. Click on Attachment 1 (below) to print the Label the Life Cycle of a Trout fill-in worksheet.

2. Click on Attachment 2 (below) to open a Life Cycle of a Trout Diagram to use and complete the life cycle of a trout fill-in worksheet.

3. Click on Attachment 3 (below) to print the Life Stages Worksheets.  Label the diagram of the salmon life cycle. Click on this link LifeCycle of Trout to find information on the lifecycle of trout.   

4. Use the information from your Life Stages Worksheets to create an Interactive Life Cycle Display for a bulletin board. 

* Create four small booklets with the stages labeled: egg; alevin; fry; adult.

* Draw and label an example of the stages on the fronts of the booklets.

* Write about the stages on the insides of the booklets.

* Glue the three booklets in order on the center of a long piece of construction paper (about 4x13) to create the trout body.

* Use white paper and draw a head and a tail on the trout. Attach them to the trout "booklet body."


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