Le Petit Prince



New York State Standards met by this lesson:


Standard 1: Communication Skills


Listening skills:          


*PI   1 -students can comprehend language consisting of simple vocabulary and structure in face to face conversation with peers and family adults


Speaking skills:


*P1  3 -Students can call upon repetition, rephrasing and nonverbal cues to derive or convey meaning from a language other than English.


Reading skills:


*P1  5 –students can understand the main idea and some details of simple informative materials written for native speakers.

he societies in which the target language is spoken.                                    


Writing skills:


P1  6-Students can compose short, informal notes and messages to exchange information with members of the target culture.


Standard 2 : Cultural Understanding                                                   


*P1  7 – students can use some key cultural of the societies in which the target language    

               is spoken.          

Anticipatory Set:  (15 minutes)


Students will be asked right from the beginning of the lesson,“ How many students know about Le Petit Prince or have watch an episode?” “What a novella is, and dicuss a little about the author?” “ Give them the information for the above questions and divide students into 12 groups, each group responsible working on 2 chapters of the novella.

 On the board will be a visual display of tnhe characters and the main themes of the novella. After the reading the entire novella, students will study their appropriate chapters in great detail.

After 6 minutes, the teacher will play a short you tube video highlighting the first episode of the novella. This mini movie will allow students to become connected with the novella even before opening up the book to read it. This cute animation will set the stage for what is to come in the lesson. Enjoy!                                      


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