Le Petit Prince




A) Formative Evaluation

As students are working on their vocabulary words and sentence structures, the teacher will briefly review the work of her students. A checklist (Appendix Z)  will ensure the teacher that these class activities are understood and completed. No marks will be allotted. Furthermore, on the same checklist, the graphic organizers will be collected and reviewed by the teacher.  The checklist and the graphic organizer will be collected and will help the teacher understand if learning has occurred within the class.

Summative Evaluation

Students are evaluated on the learning that took place in the classroom.

Students must obtain a level 3 in the rubrics for the comprehension on the short descriptive passage of the chapter selected from the novella.

 Furthermore, a level 3 must be attained in the building of grammatically correct sentences.

Also, students will attain a level 3 in the rubrics for the discussion and the participation component of this lesson, using appropriate vocabulary learned and all in the target language.

Appendix 1    


Formulating Vocabulary Sentence Structures.















Virtually no errors

Few errors

Frequent errors

Numerous errors including common words




Sophisticated use of grammar  and no errors. Proper use of tenses.

Few grammatical errors and few errors with tenses

Many grammatical errors and incorrect use of tenses

Frequent serious errors with grammar


Sentence structure


Sentence structure is coherent and has no errors.

Sentence structure is coherent with few errors

Sentence structure is incoherent with a few errors

Sentence structure is incoherent with numerous errors

Word Choice


Word choice is accurate to sentence choice

Most word choices are accurate

Word choice is incoherent with the sentence built

Word choice is not acceptable


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