Le Petit Prince



Procedure: (55 minutes) (Bloom’s Knowledge, Comprehension and application levels)

·       Anticipatory set:  We will listen, then discuss and comment on various ideas and experiences that students may experience after viewing the mini clip on the Petit Prince.

·       Students will also be put in groups of 12, each group responsible for studying in great detail 2 chapters of the novella. Kinaesthetically, students will be invited to get up work together  in groups and collaborate ideas and plan for their presentation to the class.

·         After reading a brief mini description of each groups chapters, we as a class  will discuss some similarities and differences from  one chapter to another. Students may have some comments and observations to share with the class. This exercise is for comprehension purpose only. (10 minutes)

·         The students will be asked to return to their seats to work on a grammar exercise. In pairs, they will write 10 grammatically correct sentences based on the vocabulary of the chapter . As the teacher, I will be walking around the class to help those in need and to give guidance on the use proper sentence structure and verb tense. During this activity, I will be checking off on my checklist, (no mark will be allotted) the participation and interaction of students. 

·         Students will be encouraged to read at least one of their sentences aloud for the class.(5 minutes)

·         After all students have participated in reading their sentence, they each will write a one paragraph clip celebrating the main theme of the chapter. They must use adjectives for description and incorporate a cultural aspect in this exercise.

           (13 minutes) .

A fun and easy to follow graphic organizer will visually  helps them evaluate what they have learned at the start, during,  and at the end of the lesson.





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