A Different Romeo and Juliet: a WebQuest on Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theatre



     Romeo and Juliet are probably the most famous lovers in the world because everybody has heard about them. You have read the adapted version of the play and know about their families and their main features. You also know the end of the play. Did you like it? However, there are important aspects surrounding this play that people don't know so well. 

     Who was William Shakespeare? What was his life like? What did he write? Where did he live? What is Elizabethan theatre? These are some questions that many people can't answer.

     With this WebQuest you will learn about William Shakespeare's life, works and places of residence. You will also learn about the Elizabethan period and the daily life people had in England at that time. You will learn about the importance of plays and how the playhouses were built. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a different end for Romeo and Juliet. Moreover, your findings will be shown to the rest of your school.

     You will work in pairs and groups and you will have different roles: biographers, work researchers, travel agents, historians, architects, literary critics and actors. Are you ready to begin?

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