Electrifying Cities



It's a cold winter day in your city. The snow and ice have been falling for almost a full day now. The local roads, schools, and businesses have all been closed due to the treacherous conditions. You are enjoying your break from school drinking a mug of hot chocolate and playing a video game that evening with your family. Suddenly, the television goes black and the lights go out. You are surrounded by complete darkness as you wait for the electricity at your house to be restored.  

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While this may be frightening at first, your mind soon begins to question many things about electricity. How do electricians plan and provide electricity to your entire city? How does the light switch in your house make the lights work?Does all electric current follow the same type of path?

Through the completion of this webquest you will discover the symbols used to make electric blueprint drawings, what electric circuits are and how they work, as well as how to make a switch work and a motor run. Click on the tabs to complete this electrifying quest.

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