Electrifying Cities



Now that you have completed the webquest tasks, you will work with your construction team members to design and construct an electric city using cardboard, wires, bulbs, and other materials. Your team will discuss the systems that should be included in the city then draw a blueprint of your design on graph paper using scientific symbols.and correct dimensions of each building in the city. You and your partner will then design and construct at least one building to be included in the city based on your blueprints. Based on the criteria in the rubric, your team will include series and parallel circuits within your city to make it light up making sure to also follow the scientific symbols within your blueprint. Upon completion, your construction team will present your city to the class.


# Meets Expectation Needs Improvement Score
Blueprints are neat and easily read with correct electrical symbols. The blueprints and model match. 4
10 or more lights and an object connected to a motor are included. 2
Both a readymade and a hand made switch are included 2
Both a parallel and a series circuit are included. Each circuit must contain 3 or more lights and a switch. 6

Total Score: 14

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