Electrifying Cities

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This webquest may take students 3-5 days to complete in order for students to really have time to grasp all of the content.  There are websites, videos, questions/handouts, and interactive games that students need time to explore.  At the end, the evaluation requires students to build an electricity city with working circuits.  This will take at least another week for planning, blueprint drawings, and the construction part of it.


4-5.5. Explain how electricity, as a form of energy, can be transformed into other forms of energy (including light, heat, and sound).

4-5.6. Summarize the functions of the components of complete circuits (including wire, switch, battery, and light bulb).

4-5.7. Illustrate the path of electric current in series and parallel circuits.

4-5.8. Classify materials as either conductors or insulators of electricity.


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