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We use the internet for everything these days. Our computers, phones, Ipods and even our e-readers connect to the World Wide Web. The internet is a very useful tool, but like every tool, it can be used incorrectly. It is sometimes difficult to determine the reason some information was put on the web.

Like the COMPUTER TAN website we looked at last week, not everything online is what it appears to be. We need to be aware and beware of what we find online.

To do this we need to remember Chocolate. Or more specifically CACAO!

Remember the internet is like a chocolate bar. The HIGHER the amount of CACAO in a chocolate bar, the tastier and healthier it is.

Likewise, the HIGHER the amount of CACAO or 

  • Currency- When was this information put on the website? When was it created?

  • Accuracy- Is the information grammatically correct? Is it error free? Can you verify the information elsewhere?

  • Coverage- Does the information give you specifics about the topic you are researching? Or is it vague?

  • Authority- Who is behind the information you are looking at? Are they qualified to tell you about this information?

  • Objectivity- Is the information biased and full of opinion? of is it strait facts?

 a website has, the more useful and factual it tends to be......but watch out the internet can be tricky.

Many things online LOOK like they are a good resource.  The pictures and information can be very convincing. However, because the internet has no regulations (the internet grows to fast for the government to keep up with) it is important that you are able to look critically at websites.  This web-quest is designed to help you identify valid information on the internet. 

Take a look at the website evaluation PowerPoint we went over last week if you need the full review. The link is below.



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