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big idea in this unit is that not everything on the internet should be taken at
face value. Students should be wary of false information, bias, validity and prejudice. Students
should know these concepts because they are relevant to every day life.
Students are on the internet more than ever and need to understand that not all
information presented is factual or useful. 
Information can come in many forms and it is important for a student to
be able to identify and classify information found on the internet.


SAS Content Standards

1.2.6.B Differentiate fact from opinion utilizing resources that go beyond traditional texts (e.g., newspapers, periodicals, and electronic media).

1.2.6.C Distinguish between essential and nonessential information across a variety of texts; identify bias and persuasive techniques where present.

1.5.C.B Develop content appropriate for the topic: Gather, organize, and determine validity and reliability of information.
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