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You and your partner are reporters for the local news paper. You have received a tip that there are people being fooled by information found on the internet. 

Each group of reporters has been assigned two websites that have been rumored to be false.  Your Job is to look critically at each site, ask yourself

       How do I know if a website is good information?

       What is this text really about?

Use the handout to look at each website. Answer each question by giving the website a score of 0-1.

Once you have scored each question total the score and explain if the website is reliable or questionable or if you still cant tell.

Remember some websites are really tricky. They are designed to fool you. Don't be upset if you have to read through each site several times.

Also remember to click on the links, tabs and information provided. Don't just look at the website front page, a good reporter digs deep!


  • Website Evaluation Handout
    Description: This is a copy of the handout you wee given in class. Print off a copy to use as home when you are looking at websites for other classes.

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