Did you know that food comes in groups?



Make sure you have visited every site. 

Make sure you have played the blast off game.
Make sure you have colored and labeled the worksheet your teacher gave you. 
Make sure you have completed the conclusion questions.

Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of this page!


# Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary Score
Completed Worksheet passed out be teacher on food pyramid Colored with wrong colors and Labeled with wrong spelling Colored with some correct colors and labeled with some correct spelling Colored with maybe one wrong color and labeled with few spelling errors Colored with correct colors and labeled with correct spelling 4
Visiting Sites Visited one link Visited two links Visited a few links Visited every link 4
Blast off Game Lost the mission and no good food was eaten Lost the mission but ate a few good foods Lost the Mission, but ate a lot of good foods Completed the Mission 4
Conclusion Questions One to three correct answers Four to six correct answers Seven to nine correct answers Ten to twelve correct answers 4

Total Score: 16


Description: A little rap song about completing the food pyramid.

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