Did you know that food comes in groups?



Hello learners! 

You have an amazing learning experience ahead of you today. Your job is to work with your partner and go to click on the word process and learn about the food pyramid. Play the games, read the links, learn as much as possible about what foods to eat and why! Make sure you get the work sheet from your teacher to color and label. At the end your teacher should walk you through the quiz on this WebQuest as a class. Be sure to raise your hand and answer the questions! You also need to complete the questions in the conclusion section. Be sure to get a piece of paper to write down your answers. Good luck learners! Now find the word process on the left hand side of the screen and press it! 

Below are just a few sites to visit to help understand the food pyramid. 
Be sure to check out the video at the bottom of this page.


Description: Talks about which food goes into which group on the pyramid.

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