Did you know that food comes in groups?



What are the five good groups?
          Answer: Grains, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, Meats and Beans
How does the food pyramid help us to be more healthy? 
          Answer: By helping us remember what kinds of foods to eat
How do foods help us be healthy? 
          Answer: They give us vitamins, energy, protein, and calcium
From which food groups should we eat the most? 
          Answer: Grains, fruits, vegetables
From which food groups should we eat the least?
          Answer: Unhealthy fats and sugars
Sometimes foods and drinks that have a lot of sugar also add vitamins. They might say something like "contains 100% Vitamin C." Does that mean that they are just as healthy for us to have as real fruits and vegetables?
          Answer: No, they still have a lot of added sugar which is unhealthy, so it's not the same as eating fruit or vegetables.

Get a piece of paper. Answer the following questions. 
  1. In the food pyramid grains are what color? 
  2. In the food pyramid vegetables are what color?
  3. In the food pyramid fruits are what color? 
  4. In the food pyramid oils are what color?
  5. In the food pyramid milk are what color?   
  6. In the food pyramid Meat and Beans are what color? 
  7. Which category does wheat go in? 
  8. Which category does corn go in? 
  9. Which category does apples go in? 
  10. Which category does cheese go in? 
  11. Which category does chicken go in? 
  12. Why is it important to eat a variety of foods from all the food groups? 
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