We The People: Election Focus





# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Answered all questions. None of the questions were answered. One to half the questions were answered. Half to all the questions were answered but they were not correct. All of the questions were completely answered correctly. 25%
Used proper grammar in all your writings. Numerous grammatical errors and was very difficult to interpret. Revising a must. A lot of grammatical errors but was readable. Modification is needed. Some grammatical errors, but was readable and content was understandable. Small revision need to be made. Zero to no grammatical errors. 25%
Completed all tasks. None of the work was completed. Less than half of the work was completed. More than half of the work is done but not all completed. Tasks are unclear to read. All tasks were completed. 25%
Debate Did not incorporate research into debate and only spoke a minimum amount of time. Did average job in debate of issue, however was not convincing of support of his issue stance Good job debating, used supportive research that was found. Worked well on the debate team, used facts learned from research, superior rating 25%

Total Score: 100%

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