We The People: Election Focus



You must go to the website given and answer the following questions.

DAY 1 American History

1. What were the important dates of when people were able to vote?  Include what group of people with the date

              *white males land owners over the age of 21


               *African-American - there should be two dates (when law said they could vote even when some locations wouldn't allow it and  then when they all finally COULD vote)


                 *When did the age change to 18?

2. Define the word vote




DAY 2  Why is the United States government considered a republic and not a democracy

3. Define the words democracy and republic

4. Explain why the U.S. is a republic




DAY 2 Homework -  Civics/Government

5. Who have the right to vote?

6. At what age can an individual vote in a city, and national elections?

7. Name three political parties and tell what symbols represent them?

8. What are some things people vote on?

9. What does a ballot have on it?




http://www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/elections/Voters/whatsontheballot.aspx  Ballot

DAY 3 Watch Brainpop Video on presidential / election information

10. Who votes for the President of the United States?

11. What are the requirements to run for president of the United States?

12. Where does the President lives once elected?

13. How many representatives does each state elect?



DAY 3 Homework - Economics

14. What are the salaries of the President, Vice President, and your class president? 


DAY 4-  Electoral College

15. Define electoral college

16. What is the importance of the electoral college?

17. What is the controversy about the electoral college?



18. Do the Electoral Math worksheets provided by your teacher.

DAY 4 Homework - Debate Preparation

DAY 5 Debate

You will be given a side to support "Electoral College is the RIGHT thing" or "Electoral College is the WRONG Thing". You will work to develop support towards your side, then debate this controversial issue.

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