We The People: Election Focus



Do you know how important your vote can be in a decision making policy at your school, whether itís deciding who would be class president, secretary, or even the class colors. Voting is a way to show your approval or disapproval of subjects, and even people who are running for position that represent you. Why is it important to express your preference and ideas of your belief? Voting has been deemed a privilege and responsibility of voters to participate in voicing their opinion. Have you ever wondered how voting became such an important part of individual lives, and who have the right to vote? Where were the first votes held, and what the process of voting is? This webquest will take you through time and geographical locations to enlighten you the reader of how voting became such a vital part of our country. Your quest is to use the information and websites given to find out who, what, when, why, and where. You will use the information given to compose your own election and ballots in order to show your knowledge of the data collected.

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