Generating Interview Questions in Job Selection



How did this interviewing technique strike you. In thisprogram , we  used the concept past behavior predicts future behaviortheory  by asking  applicants questions  on those competenciesidentified from job descriptions on how they  did in past realsituations. As used in structured interviewing, the techniques are very helpfulin drawing out quality responses of applicants that will provide  information as a sound basis for selectionevaluation. Once you have prepared the interview questions before theinterview,  both you and your intervieweewill likely enjoy the interview session together productively.

That's all the time we have for this topic, but if you'd like to pursue it more on your own check out this resource. https://www.boundless.com/psychology/textbooks/boundless-psychology-textbook/workplace-psychology-21/workplace-psychology-106/the-psychology-of-recruiting-and-selecting-employees-401-12936/


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