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The target group of this webquest is geared toward 9th through 11th graders. You can also do this with first semester seniors, however it would benefit them to think about these decisions prior to their senior year. 

You can go to the link below to check on your state's financial literacy standards. The link will give you a clear discription of what your state outlines. Scroll down on the link...state by state information is located at the bottom of the page.

Students will need to be able to use powerpoint for this project.  Their ability to make slides will enhance as they get older.  I would give a brief introduction to powerpoint prior to the beginning of this webquest so students can explore the different functions and design options to make a great slide.  I have attached a link that you can show your students to give them an intro to powerpoint. This can serve as a helpful visual.

If  you make this an at home assignment, it will be difficult for students to complete if they do not have at home internet access.  Be ready to develop a plan for students who do no have access to the internet at home. Can you go to the school library or even the local public library? Do they have time during the day to access a computer. Make every effort to make alternative options available for students.

Students will have difficulty with calculating car loan interest as well as interest on student loans. You can briefly go over these calculations with your students.  I have attached links below that will help your students understand these concepts.



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