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Your performance will be determined upon completion of the online webquest. You must print off a copy of your powerpoint presentation, present the powerpoint, and engage in the group discussion. You will obtain full credit upon completion of these tasks.

Remember to fully develop your powerpoint. All of the work described from the process section must be inserted.

If you need help developing a quality powerpoint please remember to ask me or to access the PowerPoint Introduction link below.  Hopefully, this tool or I can answer all of your questions. 


# Score
Research WebQuest Does not utlize computer effectively. Utilizes computer, but does not use accurate information from the website. Researches information well but does not fully research all categories. Researches information well and obtains information that is required 4
PowerPoint Presentation Slide Requirements Does powerpoint but does litte work to complete the 4 slide assignment. Completes the powerpoint but does not accurately display information due to poor researching. Completes the powerpoint and meets 90 percent of the slide requirements. Completes the powerpoint and completes all of the slide requirements. 4
Presentation Does not complete powerpoint and presents using no visual aids. Presents powerpoint but does not discuss on the assignment fully. Presents the powerpoint well, but struggles to fully convince the class that the financial goals are realistic. Presents powerpoint well and convinces the class that the financial goals are realistic. 4
Group Discussion Absent In class but does not participate in group discussion Does not apply Particpates in group discussion 4

Total Score: 16

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