The Pennsylvania Jameses



You will complete a number of tasks in this web-quest. 

1. Compare and contrast  the early lives of both James Buchanan and James Lick by completing a Venn-diagram.
2. Gather facts on the two men by answering a series of question from your readings.
3. Compare a photo of James Buchanan, a photo election poster of James Buchanan and an election poster supporting James Buchanan.  Complete teacher provided activities
5. Examine local maps complete NARA worksheet
6. Study building Plans Complete NARA worksheet
7. Examine the death notices of the men and compare/contrast the notices. 
8. Examine photos of the final resting place of Buchanan and Lick. Complete NARA worksheets and answer teacher provided questions
9. Examine photos of memorials to Buchanan and Lick, complete NARA worksheets and answer teacher provided questions
10.  Students will either complete a Power Point project, a paper, or a narrative film on what they have learned 

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