The Pennsylvania Jameses



Both James Buchanan and James Lick had similiar tragic love stories. Both men never married. Both were from South Central Pennsylvania.  One went on to become President of the United States. He is considered one of the most ineffective men to serve in the office of the President. The other became a millionaire and built an observatory that is still in use today. 

The question still remains "Do the times make the man great or does the man make the times great?  Remember in your final project you must express your opinion of Buchanan's role as President and your opinion of  if James Lick became a great man.

We have learned a lot about the two Pennsylvania Jameses. View the following videos which sumarize the lives of the men. No work is required of you when you watch the video although you may wish to take notes for your final project.

Enjoy the videos


James Lick Observatory

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