Read the text carefully.

This is Mr. Hadi’s house. It has a living room, a dining room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a garage. There are six chairs and a dining table in the dining room. The dining room is between the living room and the kitchen. There are four armchairs, a table, a room divider, a sofa and a TV set in the living room. In each bedroom you can find a wardrobe and a bed. There is a bucket in the bathroom. In the kitchen there are many kitchen utensils. And Mr. Hadi’s car is in the garage.

Choose the correct answer based on the text. 
1. Mr. Hadi has ….
a. a garden
b. a storage
c. a park
d. a house

2. How many rooms does Mr. Hadi have?
a. 4 rooms
b. 5 rooms
c. 6 rooms
d. 7 rooms

3. Where is the kitchen located?
a. behind the bathroom
b. in front of the garage
c. beside the dining room
d. between the dining room and the living room

4. These what Mr. Hadi has in the living room, except ….
a. a sofa
b. a table
c. a wardrobe
d. armchais

5. How many beds does Mr. Hadi have?
a. one
b. two
c. three
d. four

6. What is the suitable title of the text?
a. Mr. Hadi’s house
b. Mr. Hadi’s rooms
c. Mr. Hadi's garage
d. Mr. Hadi's dining room

7. Mr. Hadi usually takes a nap in the ….
a. living room
b. bedroom
c. bathroom
d. dining room

8. “It has a living room ….”
What does the word “It” refer to?
a. Mr. Hadi’ car
b. Mr. Hadi’ garage
c. Mr. Hadi's garden
d. Mr. Hadi's house

9. Here are the kitchen utensils except ….
a. a stove
b. a grater
c. a frying pan
d. a toothbrush

10. Mr. Hadi likes to sit on the …. Because it is soft.
a. a mat
b. a sofa
c. a table
d. a cupboard

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