Purpose Description is used in all forms of writing to create a vivid impression of a person, place, object or event e.g. to: • describe a special place and explain why it is special • describe the most important person in your life • describe the animal's habitat in your report Descriptive writing is usually used to help a writer develop an aspect of their work, e.g. to create a particular mood, atmosphere or describe a place so that the reader can create vivid pictures of characters, places, objects etc.

Features Description is a style of writing which can be useful for a variety of purposes: • to engage a reader's attention • to create characters • to set a mood or create an atmosphere • to bring writing to life.

Language • aims to show rather than tell the reader what something/someone is like • relies on precisely chosen vocabulary with carefully chosen adjectives and adverbs. • is focused and concentrates only on the aspects that add something to the main purpose of the description. • sensory description - what is heard, seen, smelt, felt, tasted. Precise use of adjectives, similes, metaphors to create images/pictures in the mind e.g. their noses were met with the acrid smell of rotting flesh. • strong development of the experience that "puts the reader there" focuses on key details, powerful verbs and precise nouns.

Generic Structure:
a. Identification: identifies the phenomenon to be described
b. Description: describes parts, qualities, characteristics


Natural Bridge National Park

   Natural Bridge National Park is luscious tropical rain forest.
    It is located 110 kilometers south of Brisbane and is reached by following the Pacific Highway to Nerang and then by travelling through the Numimbah Valley. This scenic roadway lies in the shadow of the Lamington National Park.
   The phenomenon of the rock formed into a natural ‘arch’ and the cave through which a waterfall cascades is a short one-kilometer walk below a dense rainforest canopy from the main picnic area. Swimming is permitted in the rock pools. Night-time visitors to the cave will discover the unique feature of the glow worms.
   Picnic areas offer toilets, barbeque, shelter sheds, water and fireplaces; however, overnight camping is not permitted. 


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