Discovering Leonardo da Vinci



Based on the research you've collected, you will write a propsal paper stating what you have found to be true about The Last Supper. The paper must be 2-5 pages, typed, and double-spaced with 1" margins. You may only use the resources provided, therefore a works cited page is not necessary. The paper should be organized as follows:

I. Intro
     a. Hook the reader with the connection between Leonardo and The Last Supper
II. Background information about Leonardo da Vinci.
III. Authorship
     a. How Leonardo is proven to be the artist of The Last Supper
IV. Dating,Commission & Location
     a. When the artist started/finished the painting and how you know
     b. Who commission the work? How do you know?
     c. Where is the painting located?
V. Medium & Deminsions
     a. What is the medium of the painting? How was this made?
     b. What are the deminisions of the painting?
VI. Subject and Setting
     a. What is this painting about?
     b. Who is depicted in the painting?
     c. Where does the painting take place?
VII. Content & Symbolism
     a. Why is this painting important?
     b. What are the symbols and their purpose in this painting?
VIII. Condition
     a. What is The Last Supper like now?
     b. Why is the condition this way?
IX. Conclusion
     a. Restatement of the first paragraph- bring it all together.

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