Discovering Leonardo da Vinci



Investigate the following problems by researching using the links provided. Don't leave a stone unturned! The agency is counting on you! Take detailed notes... you'll turn those in to the agency as evidence!

Problem #1: Authorship
          Who is Leonardo da Vinci?
          What evidence can you find to prove he painted The Last Supper?
If Leonardo da Vinci did not paint The Last Supper who did?

Problem #2: Location
          Where is The Last Supper?
          How do you know?

Problem #3: Dating
          When did the artist begin The Last Supper?
Was The Last Supper finished? If so, when?
          What evidence do you have to prove this?

Problem #4: Commission
          Was the artist paid to paint The Last Supper?
If so, who paid the artist?
          What evidence do you have to prove your findings?

Problem #5: Medium & Deminsions
          What medium was The Last Supper painted in?
          What surface was it painted on?
          What are the deminsions? (height x width x depth)
          What is a fresco? How is this medium made?

Problem #6: Subject
          What is the painting of The Last Supper of?
          Who is in the painting?
          How do you know this?

Problem #7: Setting
          Where does The Last Supper take place?
          What evidence do you have to prove this?

Problem #8: Content
          Why is The Last Supper important?
          What is the meaning of the painting?
          How do you know this?

Problem #9: Symbolism
          What is symbolic about how the figures in the painting are positioned? 
          How does their positions tell the story of the Last Supper?
          What so the apples, pears, garland, and palm leaves represent?
          What makes the symbolism in this painting important?
Problem #10: Condition
          What is the conditon of The Last Supper?
Why is the condition this way?

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